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Incontinence is inconvenient enough. An excellent urinary incontinence product should ease your discomfort, not create more. The Pacey Cuff Ultra is an outstanding product for male urinary incontinence for the following unique reasons:
  • Pacey Cuff Ultra stops urine without putting pressure on and restricting blood flow.
  • Pacey Cuff Ultra feels light and comfy on the penis. Other male incontinence clamps often get caught in your underwear and pinch the skin.
  • The Pacey Cuff Ultra is unlike wide, uncomfortable and outdated penile clamps. It is a smaller circular band that wraps around your penis and does not cause you discomfort.
  • It is durable (lasting at least 6 months) and it pays for itself through savings from no longer needing as many pads and diapers.

Imagine ordering a male incontinence clamp for the first time. You hope it will help and patiently wait for its delivery. Unfortunately, once you try it you find that it’s too painful to wear for more than an hour.

We have been there, and we know exactly how it feels. That’s why we want to help you. We know how frustrating it is when a penis clamp fails to stay centred, when even after several attempts to click in place, it’s still not right. Or when you do get it in place it starts to hurt after just a short while.

Inferior incontinence clamps are very wide by design and often slip out of position with every movement.

Backed by urologists and medical experts, our team has designed the Pacey Cuff male urinary incontinence clamp to help. Our goal is to solve all the challenges you face with those other penile clamps.


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