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Remington Medical’s Prevent Wedge

The Prevent Wedge is an excellent solution to prevent heel ulcers.

Backed by a Canadian Study and published in the International Wound Journal by Karen E. Campbell, the Prevent Wedge is used in facilities across Canada in the ER, Hospital Wards, and Long Term Care Facilities.

Read the article on why the Prevent Wedge was able to outperform many of the other heel pressure-relieving devices costing much more!

  • Easy to implement
  • Effective in reducing heel pressure ulcer cases
  • Easy to clean
  • Custom sizes and colors are available on request
  • Optional Fixation Strap to help secure wedge to mattress
  • Can be used in the ER, hospital wards, Nursing and LTC facilities or residential homes
  • Heel pressure relief with nothing strapped to the foot preventing a potential fall

If your facility has incidences of heel pressure ulcers, implementing the Prevent Wedge as many hospitals have will reduce the number of cases.

Kyle Lee our sales manager and OTR assisted in the design process of the Prevent Wedge.


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