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S.O.T (Smart Orthotic Treatment) is a resting splint for the spastic and paretic hand, when the goal is to maintain or increase the mobility of the hand. Now available in pediatric to adult sizes! The orthosis is smooth and lightweight. The S.O.T has an aluminum core which allows adjustment to the desired position. The aluminum core is embedded into polyethylene foam, which is covered with fabric. The brace is delivered in a resting position. A resting position can offer pain relief, relaxation to the hand and it also provides a good biomechanical position that may reduce the risk of flexor shortening of the wrist and fingers.The orthosis anatomic configuration supports the important thenar muscle, the CMC- and MCP joint, which is particularly important for the intended patient groups, when the thumb tends to adduct in the CMC joint and hyperextend in the MCP joint. S.O.T Resting splint increases the conditions for an effective grip.

Recommended Range Of Application:Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Radialis Paresis, Mucular Dystrophy, Edema, or Plexus Injury

Other:Besides the extra wrist band, there are two other accessories: a finger divider and wedges in three different sizes.



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Measurement Text 1: MCP width / Measurement Text 2: Length from wrist to end of finger

Product Side Size Width Height 
287101008 Left XXX-Small 5.5cm (2in) ≤12cm (4.75in)
287101009 Left XX-Small ≤6.5cm (2.5in) ≤14cm (5.5in)
287101010 Left X-Small ≤7.5cm (3in) ≤16cm (6.25in)
287101011 Left Small ≤7.5cm (3in) ≤18.5cm (7.25in)
287101012 Left Medium ≤9cm (3.5in) ≤20cm (7.75in)
287101013 Left Large ≤9cm (3.5in) ≤21cm (8.25in)
287102008 Right XXX-Small 5.5cm (2in) ≤12cm (4.75in)
287102009 Right XX-Small ≤6.5cm (2.5in) ≤14cm (5.5in)
287102010 Right X-Small ≤7.5cm (3in) ≤16cm (6.25in)
287102011 Right Small ≤7.5cm (3in) ≤18.5cm (7.25in)
287102012 Right Medium ≤9cm (3.5in) ≤20cm (7.75in)
287102013 Right Large ≤9cm (3.5in) ≤21cm (8.25in)


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