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The FabriFlex Straps by SPIO

The FabriFlex Straps by SPIO are flexible, versatile, and reusable straps designed to provide targeted compression, support, and muscle activation to the upper and lower limbs.


100% Polyester

To launder; hand or machine wash in cold water, and line dry.  Do not use fabric softer, do not use brush for cleaning, and do not iron the fabric.  Clean lint off the fabric with a sticky lint roller after every wash.

How To Use

Start at the bottom of the limb and work your way up, stopping at the desired point.  Overlap the fabric as you go.  Add additional pieces for longer length, or multiple layers.


The FabriFlex Strap packs are available in two different configurations:

  1. The “FP02” two-inch pack comes with each of the following sized Straps:
    • 2″ x 30″, 2″ x 40″, and 2″ x 50″
  2. The “FP04” four-inch pack comes with each of the following sized Straps:
    • 4″ x 30″ and 4″ x 40″
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