SQUEGG Smart Hand Grip Trainer

Item #:RM-109-5000

Item #: RM-109-5000


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Add Squegg, the Smart Grip Trainer, to your daily routine and practice ! 

The smart grip trainer to your daily routine to build your grip strength or to recover from an injury.

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Product Details

SQUEGG is a Bluetooth-enabled strength training device that evaluates, monitors & improves grip strength through fun & engaging ways


Disclaimer: It’s not a standard grip strength measurement device. Do not compare with a Dynamometer as both devices have different grip positions and readings may vary

EVALUATE Your Current Grip Strength: Grip strength grows weaker as we age, which eventually begins to affect day-to-day activity. Simple things like opening jars, carrying groceries, turning doorknobs are made more or less difficult depending on the strength of the hands. Squegg not only tracks grip strength but also improves it in a fun way using the gamification techniques!

MONITOR Your Progress of Squeeze and Grip: Track your progress everyday through the visually appealing statistics page. The statistics page shows your personal best each day so that you can see how you’re faring in your daily training. You can monitor your progress and seamlessly share it with your therapist or your friend/family/relative easily. Keep an eye on your daily stats and aim to make them better each day. That’s how progress is made.

IMPROVE Grip Through Engaging Games & Exercises: Imagine being able to play with family and friends. You heard it right: You can actually play fun, grip strength-improving games, and share with your loved ones while the app measures your progress! The app is pre-loaded with three games you can play (more are in development and are planned on being released in the near future). Grip training has never been this much fun! It can help improve your Motor Skills like coordination of the arms & wrist and cognitive functions including learning, thinking, reasoning, remembering, problem solving, decision making.

What sets SQUEGG apart?

  • In todays age sanitization is such an important feature when it comes devices and tools we use everyday. This is not an issue with the Squeeg! It can be used by more than 1 person and sanitized in between sessions! 
  • Soft ergonomically designed would never collect dust if left out or used on an unclean surface
  • With Squegg you can smartly track and store progress which is not possible with other devices
  • Fun & engaging for both the user and therapist ! 

“One of the unique inventions i have ever come across is the Squegg – A smart Device that measures, monitors and improves your grip strength through fun and engaging games”

Corrine McLees, Hand Therapist

Standard Accessories

Unboxing the Squegg

Connect the device to the smartphone via Bluetooth, enabling you to easily monitor the grip strength improvement over a period of time, so now you no longer have to keep manual records!

  • What’s included in the Box: Squegg Smart Ball, Cable Charger, Phones Holder, Manual
  • 2 Hours Maximum Charging time using USB Charger Link
  • 80 Hours of Extended Battery Life once fully charged
  • A matching phone holder to help you use the Squegg app in full comfort.

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