TheraBand® Aquafins Aquatic Exercise Kit


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Thera-Band® Aqua Fins-Aquatic Exercise Kit

TheraBand Aquafins are innovative aquatic exercise devices that add propulsion resistance to either the ankles or wrists while swimming. These one-size-fits-all cuffs are made of soft Santoprene rubber for strength and flexibility. Comfortably strap the fins to either the wrists or ankles for full body swim training. Incorporate these fins into any pool exercise or water aerobics class to make traditional water Exercise more challenging. This pair of fins comes with two cuffs, a mesh carrying case, and detailed Exercise for toning and strengthening the legs and arms, lower back, inner and outer thighs, arms, chest, and upper back.

Two Aquafins securely attach to ankles or wrists for greater resistance during swimming and water workouts

One-size-fits-all cuffs and Predator Fins made from soft Santoprene rubber for greater flexibility, with straps to comfortably attach to upper and lower extremities

Rotate the fins for greater drag and resistance when performing lower body or upper body aquatic Exercise

Low-impact water workouts help build strength and endurance without putting greater pressure on sore muscles and joints

Contains 2 Aquafin cuffs, 4 Predator Fins, a mesh carrying case, detailed instructions, and detailed exercise