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TheraBand Hand Bars are a pair of water dumbbells designed for pool therapy and fitness. Great for low impact workouts, these aquatic weights add additional resistance to traditional water exercise programs to make them more challenging. Use water dumbbells during pool fitness and aqua zumba classes to increase flexibility, range of motion, and strength.

Two buoyant aquatic dumbbells for water aerobic Exercise, pool therapy, and aquatic fitness
Use for various Exercise that increase strength and range of motion, such as water walks, push downs, and other resistance Exercise
Low-impact water workouts, such as aqua zumba and water aerobics, help build strength without putting pressure on joints
Choose between three levels of difficulty: light red require 2.5 lbs. of force to submerge, medium green require 4 lbs of force to submerge, and heavy blue require 6 lbs. of force to submerge

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