TheraBand® Progressive Hand Trainer


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Thera-Band® Hand Trainer Kit
Thera-Band® Hand Trainer - Tan, Refill, 6 Sheets
Thera-Band® Hand Trainer - Yellow, Refill, 6 Sheets
Thera-Band® Hand Trainer - Red, Refill, 6 Sheets
Thera-Band® Hand Trainer - Green, Refill, 6 Sheets
Thera-Band® Hand Trainer - Blue, Refill, 6 Sheets
Thera-Band® Hand Trainer - Black, Refill, 6 Sheets

The TheraBand Progressive Hand Trainer can be used after hand or wrist surgery to strengthen the hand and fingers. These thin latex sheets are designed to increase range of motion and mobility of the hand in patients with extremely weak grip who have difficulty with daily tasks. Six resistance levels allow patients to progress as their hand strength increases. With more than 60 access holes, the elastic sheets are great for countless Exercise for the hand and wrist.

Assists patients recovering from finger, hand or wrist surgery, helps improve hand, finger, and thumb strength and mobility

Secure latex sheets inside hand training ring (sold separately) and use holes to perform stretching, squeezing, and pinching Exercise

Sheets are designed to be less challenging than TheraBand Hand XTrainers and therapy putty for people with extremely weak hands and fingers or those recovering from surgery

Must be used with intro kit, this item is just the Red refill and does not contain the interlocking rings necessary for use