TheraBand® Shoulder Pulley


  • Shoulder Pulley system is compatible with any standard door jamb
  • Foam handles are soft and comfortable during use
  • Rope length is adjustable for versatile use and customized fit
  • Distinct black marks make clinician instructions clearer and patient progress more obvious
  • Sold in bulk packages or in singles
Product Details

Shoulder Rehab Simplified

The THERABAND Shoulder Pulley is designed for those going through shoulder rehabilitation and for regaining the range of motion in the shoulder after procedures or injuries. It is perfect for personal and professional use at home or in the physical therapy office.

Color Coded and Adjustable

The rope and pulley system is convenient and fast! The pulley attaches to any standard door jamb securely and safely for use anywhere you need it. The color coded rope is divided into sections by black lines, representing the range of motion, allowing doctors or patients to visually gauge progression and recovery.

Build Muscle, Recover Faster

Pulley wheel provides smooth rope guidance to improve range of motion and build muscle after shoulder surgeries or injuries. The marked rope allows for clinicians instructions to be followed anywhere you go, helping you recover quickly.

  • Specifically designed to assist patients undergoing shoulder rehab
  • Helps regain and maintain range of motion
  • Features a unique rope that’s divided into sections
  • Provides immediate feedback on progress
  • Anchors to the top of a door or at any point along a standard door jamb for ease of overhead use
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