TheraBand® Stability Disk

Item #:TH-23303

Item #: TH-23303


Product Details

The TheraBand Stability Disc is a high quality, durable training tool specially designed to offer more challenges and instability compared to the TheraBand Stability Trainers. This disc offers an unstable sensory-stimulating cushion to improve balance, proprioception, and strengthen the deep core stability muscles as the body adjusts to maintain balance. This training method provides automatic postural support for the body. The Stability Disc is also an ideal choice for active or dynamic sitting.

  • 13″, pre-inflated PVC disc is durable enough to stand or sit on without deflating and is the most challenging TheraBand progressive stability product
    Effective core exerciser and seat cushion for home, work, or travel
  • Dual surface, non-slip design helps maintain posture and activates core muscles when used as a sitting cushion
  • The most challenging of the TheraBand balance training products
  • Contains one silver, super soft, advanced level 2, non-latex PVC disc
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