TheraBand® Stretch Strap

Item #:TH-11659

Item #: TH-11659


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The TheraBand Stretch Strap enables more effective static and contract-relax stretches while increasing range of motion and flexibility of muscles. It allows you to comfortably stretch further and longer than would be possible without an aid. This simple, innovative, and multi-purpose tool negates the need for static-only stretching straps, and also allows for effective stretching of all connective tissues.

  • Provides a more comfortable and beneficial ‘dynamic stretch’ of major muscle groups like Gastroc, Rectus Femoris, Soleus and Hamstring
  • The strap is marked with numbered sections to visually track progress and set goals and limitations
  • The THERABAND stretch strap delivers a ‘dynamic’ stretch that supports a variety of hand and foot holds to deliver optimal positioning
  • Improving range of motion and flexibility is often one of the first goals in rehabilitation treatment
  • Includes basic exercise instructions written by a licensed Physical Therapist
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