TheraBand® CLX Loop


  • Latex-free, powderless resistance band used for rehabilitation and resistance training by athletes, patients, practitioners, athletic trainers, physical therapists, and many more
  • Provides multiple, unique grip options and enables the user to perform open & close hand grip, object holding with resistance, and no-grip-required exercises
  • Enables the user to perform workouts previously impossible, such as simultaneous upper and lower body exercises, opening amazing possibilities for athletes, rehabilitation, and at-home training
  • Seven levels of resistance for customizable workouts and rehabilitation regimens that offer increasing difficulty with each new level
  • Free integrated CLX App provides you with an exclusive exercise library to enhance your rehab or training program with the CLX Resistance Bands at home, in the gym, or on-the-go
Product Details

The next generation of resistance bands, backed by science and trusted by clinicians.

4 Premium Products in 1
Band, loop, tubing with handles and anchor made to exacting quality standards. Non-latex formula provides identical performance and resistance to THERABAND latex products

Easy Grip Loops
Provide numerous exercise options and allow patients to hold sport-specific objects during resistance training for transformational results

Proven Science
Tested, validated and researched to ensure performance, THERABAND CLX bands are listed as Class 1 Medical Devices with the FDA

Trusted Progression™ System
From beginner to advanced, THERABAND CLX incorporates the most recognized color-coded resistance levels engineered to ensure consistent pull force

Train and treat with confidence
THERABAND CLX, made by the global leader of resistance solutions, used by thousands of clinicians worldwide

Hypoallergenic Resistance Bands

The THERABAND CLX Resistance Band with Loops is a groundbreaking latex-free, powderless professional-grade resistance training band. The specially designed rubber allows almost anyone to use these bands as part of their rehabilitation process or training regimen. These rubber resistance bands are perfect for people with latex allergies or hospitals, offices, or facilities that have a “no latex policy”.

Perform Exercises Never Before Possible

With the THERABAND CLX Resistance Band with Loops, you are able to perform exercises that were never before possible. The patent pending CLX-Consecutive Loops allow you to simultaneously perform upper and lower body exercises, opening up a variety of new possibilities for your next resistance workout. Find the exercise that is perfect for you in whatever grip style you want, whether it be closed or open hand, no grip, or holding objects with resistance.

Free, Integrated Exercise App

Every THERABAND CLX Resistance Band with Loops includes a free CLX App. This app provides you with an exclusive exercise library and unique support tools designed to enhance any rehab or training program. Personalize your workouts with various new strength and resistance exercises that target muscle groups and joints like never before.

  • Provides multiple unique grip options, enabling open and closed hand grip Exercise & no-grip-required Exercise
  • Delivers versatility and convenience by providing the ability to simultaneously work the upper and lower body, create additional resistance for dumbbell training, and can be used in the clinic, at-home, or on-the-go
  • Free integrated CLX App provides exclusive CLX Exercise to enhance any rehab or training program
  • Non-Latex CLX with no scent and no powder meet the needs of those with latex allergies, and are the best option for facilities and hospitals with a “no latex policy”
  • Available in 7 progressive resistance levels
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