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The TheraTogs Wrist + Thumb Positioning System stands out as the most adaptable and flexible system available for wrist and thumb alignment. If you’re able to gently correct the alignment of the wrist and thumb using your hands, without exerting force, then the TheraTogs Wrist + Thumb System can be used to comfortably maintain your client’s wrist and thumb in a corrected, functional alignment throughout their daily activities.

Key Benefits include:

  • Unparalleled versatility: Provides the precise pronation or supination force vectors required for your client, adaptable as they progress.
  • Integrated wrist control: Can be extended to a TheraTogs garment system designed for the arm, shoulder, or trunk.
  • GoldTone fabric technology: Offers dynamic repositioning and retraining of the neuromotor system, yielding better results than hard braces or basic compression wristlets.
  • Size selection assistance: For choosing the right product size, refer to the Sizing tab.

Indications & Applications in Point Form:

The Wrist & Thumb system is effective for extending your rehabilitation efforts to manage the following conditions:

  • Flexible wrist-flexed posture and wrist or carpometacarpal joint instability.
  • Limited soft tissue extensibility at the wrist or thumb.
  • Deficits in palmar arch modulation (such as post-hemiparesis, post-stroke, cerebral palsy).
  • Increased ulnar deviation at the wrist.
  • Control deficits in proximal limb joints.



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