Shockwave Ultra Revision Kit

Item #:SM-17212

Item #: SM-17212


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Revision Kit for Storz Shockwave units as well as any other Shockwave device using the Storz hand piece. The Storz models: MP50 Elite, MP100 Elite, MP200 Elite,  and old styles of the Mp50, MP100, MP200  radial shockwave / Acustic wave system will use the ULTRA Revision kit.

**** PLEASE NOTE **** Ensure you order the right Revision kit. The new FALCON handpiece will require the Falcon revision kit. Please visit our newest blog to have all your questions answered about Storz Revision Kits :

Storz Medical Radial Shockwave Revision Kit: Everything you need to know!

Contains 2 each of the projectile, tubes, and seals.

Recommended servicing of hand piece is approximately 1 – 1.25 million hits. Always have a revision kit on hand for quick change overs to avoid downtime.

We can ship revision kits anywhere in Canada via Courier service and the option to have it there next day air if ordered before 1 p.m. EST is an option (free shipping is void with this option).

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How do I know when to change the Revision kit?
During treatment, if you find the frequency of the pressure waves changes/stutters, if the bullet is sticking in the tube, or if your unit does not feel / sound consistent, then your first step is to use the cleaning brush and follow the steps to clean the tube and projectile.  If this does not change anything, then a new revision is most likely necessary. Putting in a fresh Revision kit gives you peace of mind as a clinician that you are delivering quality treatments. 
What comes with my Falcon or Ultra revision Kit?
You will get two revision tubes, two projectiles (bullet), and two packs of O Rings.
What Storz Medical devices use the Falcon Revision kit ?
Storz Duolith SD1, Storz MP 50 Ultra, Storz MP 100 Ultra, Storz MP 200 Ultra, MasterPULS ONE
What is an easy way to identify which revision kit I need?
The most accurate way to identify which revision kit you are using is to take your old revision tube out of your barrel and measure it. FALCON revision kits measure: 5.75 inches and ULTRA measure: 6.75 inches. Another tell tale sign is is by looking at the outside of your barrell. If you have a silver ring at the base of the handpeice you have a Ultra handpiece, if there is no ring you will have a Falcon handpeice. If you have the older chome handpiece (which is pure silver) this will take a Ultra revision kit.
How long does my revision kit last?
Both Falcon and Ultra revision kits are designed to last for 1 million hits.  With routine maintenance, your revision should be able to get more hits without compromising the treatment quality.
I have a Chattanooga Shockwave. Will these revision kits work on my unit?
Yes, certain Chattanooga Shockwave devices such as the RPW and RPW2 use the STORZ handpiece.  The revision kits will fit into these handpieces.  Please follow the above steps as they will be the same in determining which kit is right for your unit

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