WristWidget® TFCC Brace


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WristWidget® TFCC Brace

Introducing a revolutionary way to treat ulnar sided wrist pain, TFCC injuries, wrist pain associated with weight bearing, gripping, rotation, and pain associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for many users.


  • Universal Size
  • Reduce Wrist Pain
  • Latex Free

The WristWidget® was designed by a Certified Hand Therapist to reduce wrist pain associated with grip, wrist rotation and weight bearing. Indicated for ulnar-sided wrist pain, TFCC injuries and ECU subluxation. Clinically proven to reduce wrist pain and increase wrist strength. Ideal for sports-related wrist injuries.

Made of high quality, non-elastic material that fits comfortably around the wrist. The hook and loop closure mechanism does not interfere with wrist motion and holds the wrist securely in place without irritation to the skin or wrist joint. One universal size fits either the left or right hand. Latex free.

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What is the WristWidget?
The WristWidget is a specialized wrist support designed to alleviate pain and discomfort associated with conditions like TFCC (Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex) injuries, ulnar-sided wrist pain, and other wrist-related issues. It provides targeted support and stabilization to the wrist joint.
How does the WristWidget work?
The WristWidget is designed to hold the ulnar head (the end of the ulna bone on the pinky side of the wrist) in its natural anatomical position. This helps to relieve stress on the TFCC and other structures, promoting healing and reducing pain.
Who can benefit from using the WristWidget?
The WristWidget is suitable for individuals who experience ulnar-sided wrist pain, TFCC injuries, and related wrist conditions. It’s commonly used by athletes, weightlifters, gymnasts, and those involved in activities that put strain on the wrist joint.
Can I wear the WristWidget during physical activities?
Yes, the WristWidget is designed to be worn during physical activities such as golf, baseball, and tennis. It can provide additional support and stability to the wrist while allowing for a range of motion. However, it’s recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before using it during strenuous activities.
Can I wear the WristWidget all day?
It’s generally safe to wear the WristWidget throughout the day. However, if you experience any discomfort or if the device starts to feel too tight, it’s advisable to remove it temporarily and give your wrist a break.
Is the WristWidget adjustable for different wrist sizes?
Yes, the WristWidget is adjustable and can fit a range of wrist sizes. It comes in different sizes to accommodate various users. Be sure to select the appropriate size for a comfortable fit.
How should I clean the WristWidget?
Immerse the WristWidget® in a solution of 1 tablespoon of vinegar and 1 cup of water. Allow it to air dry by hanging. AVOID UTILIZING A WASHING MACHINE OR DRYER.
How tight should should the WristWidget be?
It usually takes around a week to determine the appropriate tension for your specific injury. The tension should be snug when worn at night and tighter during more strenuous activities. To illustrate, if your wrist can bear only 30 lbs of weight without the WristWidget®, but you’re engaging in an activity that demands 60 lbs of force, the WristWidget® should be fastened tightly. After completing the task, it’s important to readjust the tension to a lighter level. The micro adjustment feature of the WristWidget® is crucial in ensuring your comfort and tolerance for extended use, potentially up to 12 weeks.
Is the WristWidget® One-Size-Fits-All?
In general… absolutely! However, a small portion of individuals have wrists that are unusually petite. The fit is actually influenced more by the depth of your wrist crease than by the circumference.
Can the Wristwidget be word on both wrists?
The WristWidget can be worn on left and right wrists.
Can I wear the WristWidget in the water?
Yes! It is made to provide continuous support- even in the water.
What is the WristWidget® made of?
The material is a unique blend of nylon and cotton, secured with hook and loop fasteners. Toxic neoprene has been eliminated from our production for years. Our material is meticulously crafted using solely natural dyes. The WristWidget is entirely free from any harmful substances.
Have a small wrist, and find the WristWidget® is sliding over your Ulna bone?
Our findings show that 1% of the population suffer from this ailment. The fit actually has more to do with the width of your wrist crease than the circumference. Remedies: Moleskin, Coban®

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