Intimate Rose Pelvic Health Products

Welcome to Remington Medical, your trusted distributor of Intimate Rose Pelvic Health Products in Canada.

We proudly serve pelvic health therapists, patients, and end users with a wide range of award-winning and best-selling products, including Vaginal Dilators, Rectal Dilators, Pelvic Wands and Kegel Exercise Weights, all meticulously crafted by the leaders . At Intimate Rose Women’s Health Products, we are your beacon of hope, a source of answers, effective solutions, and unwavering support on your journey. Step onto a proven path toward achieving your health and wellness goals, and discover empowerment and a strong sense of community within our network of support.

If you are a patient or end user we highly suggest you check out our pelvic health website Urology Health Store Canada! 

Serving Canadians for Over 40 Years

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