Beta Pileᵀᴹ Soft Strap


Sold in 10 yard (9.1 m) rolls.

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Our most popular soft strap for all splinting applications including geriatrics or pediatrics where a soft, comfortable strapping is required.

Beta Loop provides the ease of hook-and-loop fastening and the comfort and convenience of a padded strap. Beta Pile Loop’s inner layer of Polyfoam acts as a protective cushioning for inflamed, swollen, or painful areas. The exclusive Soft-Edge design will not put undue pressure on soft tissue. Other stiff, unpadded straps produce abrupt pressure transitions on the skin adjacent to the strap edges. Beta Loop’s edges are soft and conforming. Pressure changes are gradual along the strap’s edges. This lowers the subcutaneous shear forces and minimizes long-term harmful effects.Beta Loop can be cut to your most intricate strap design. Cut edges won’t fray or unravel. Use two-sided hook as a closure method to adhere between the two loop-facing surfaces. No sewing. No adhesive.

  • Foam center with loop fabric on both sides.
  • Edges seal when cut.
  • Mates with hook products.
  • Sold in 10 yard (9.1 m) rolls.
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