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Kevlar®, a high strength and extremely lightweight fiber used to make airplane wings, bullet proof armour and now, Fiberform™ splinting material. Fiberform™ has a tacky surface when heated which helps the therapist hold the material in place and allows for a permanent bond when needed. Available in Beige.

Recommended for splints requiring extra rigidity including joint contractures, weight bearing applications, or where both a high rigidity and conforming material is required.

Kevlar® thermoplastic splinting material is a registered trademark of El Dupont de Nemours & Co.


  • Kevlar® fiber based material with 100% memory.
  • Lightweight and extremely rigid when cool.
  • No re-enforcement required.
  • Moderate conformability.
  • Easy edge finishing when hot or cold.

Perforation patterns available: 1%, 2.5%, 19%

Heating temperature: 70°C – 75°C (160°F – 170°F)

Heat & Work Time:

Thickness: 1 /8″ (3.2 mm). Heat time: 1 min. Work Time: 3 – 5 min.
Thickness: 3 /32″ (2.4mm). Heat time: 45 sec. Work Time: 2 – 4 min.
Thickness: 1 /16″ (1.6mm). Heat time: 30 sec. Work Time: 1 – 2 min.

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