NeuroTrac® MultiTENS

Item #:VM-C6V350

Item #: VM-C6V350



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NeuroTrac® MultiTENS – 2 Channel 2 Leads


Digital Dual channel TENS and NMS device for Pain Relief and muscles rehabilitation.

  • Run 2 programmes at once! Ability to run two different TENS programmes at the same time, which allows you to run a combination of high and low frequency pain relief treatments on two areas at the same time. For example, you can use channel 1 to release pain relieving endorphins in the area of where the pain occurs. At the same time, use channel 2 for triggering the pain gate mechanism, placing your electrodes on the meridian near the vertebra. Endorphins and gate mechanism are targeted with different combinations of stimulus at the same time; this is where MultiTENS is very useful.
  • Clear bright backlight LCD allows the display to be read more easily in low light or dark conditions.
  • Keypad with bigger buttons for ease of use.
  • Multiphase custom programmes: Up to 5 phases can be configured for each of the three custom programmes. The custom programmes feature a simple setup of one phase only or an advanced setup of up to 5 phases.
  • Comprehensive Statistics: The statistics are backed up by an internal calendar system. When locked, the unit record up to 5sessions daily for up to 60 days. An easy to use menu system allows the therapist to review the statistics to ensure that the patient is using the unit correctly.


Standard Accessories
Technical Specs
  • Waveform: Asymmetrical, rectangular bi-phasic with zero DC current, Constant current, Max voltage: 180Volts +10/-30V
  • Modes: Continuous, Burst, Modulated and NMS (Work/Rest stimulation)
  • Parameters: 0-90mA, 2-200Hz, 50-450μS
  • 13 Pre-set TENS programmes
  • 4 Pre-set NMS programmes
  • 3 Custom programmes to set up your own treatment
  • Lock mode function to measure the home compliance (mA and time used)

Physical dimensions: 119.2 x 69 x 28.7 mm

Weight: 0.07KG without battery, 0.1KG with battery.

Environmental Conditions for use:
+5 to +40 degrees Centigrade. 15-93% Humidity.

Environmental conditions for storage & transport:
-25 to +70 degrees Centigrade. 15-93% Humidity.

Documents / Videos
How long will I have to use the TENS stimulator?
Some long term chronic pain sufferers may have to use a stimulator for extended periods of time, even years. Other conditions may only need a short period of treatment lasting weeks.
Are there circumstances in which TENS should not be used?
Yes. Mainly for undiagnosed pain; When using a cardiac pace maker;During pregnancy
Does the Neurotrac Multi-TENS have both NMES and TENS ?
Yes, the MultiTENS can preform both functions. The NeuroTrac Multi-TENS is a dual channel device combining several treatment programs into one unit.
Can the Neurotrac Multi-TENS run a combination of both STIM and NMES at the same time?
No this device cannot preform both at the same time.
What is STIM / NMES?
Neuromuscular Stimulation has been used for many years to stimulate muscleand nerve fibres to treat a number of muscle and nerve related conditions.
What is TENS?
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) uses a small battery oper-ated unit to provide a non-invasive, drug free method of controlling acute andprincipally long term intractable pain. It can also be used as an adjunctive treatment in the management of post surgical traumatic pain problems. In TENS mild electrical impulses are transmitted through the skin via surface electrodes to modify the body’s pain perception.TENS does not cure problematic physiological conditions; it only helps to control the pain perception.
What type of electrodes can I use with the Neurotrac tens?
High quality electrodes is important to ensure treatment quality and safety. Electrodes with high impedance or poor adherence may result in injury. Remingtons Remarkable Electrode (HYPERLINK) is a premium quality electrode with low impedance, silver oxide technology and a premium hydgogel to ensure uniform coverage and comfortable treatments, and multiple uses.

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