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The Bamboo Brace is a dynamic elbow splint for children and adults with disabilities such as high muscle tone (Cerebral Palsy), low muscle tone (Down Syndrome/other genetic conditions), and behavioral diagnoses (Autism and Rett Syndrome) that assists them by actively re-aligning the elbow at more favorable angles in order to learn gross and fine motor skills. The Bamboo Brace is sold with 5 flexible and interchangeable support stays of varying resistance.

The Bamboo Brace Teen XL / Adult brace fits larger teens as young as 13-15 years through adulthood.


Age Range: 13-15 years – adult

Specs: 10.5” (26.7 cm) long x 15.0” (38.1 cm) in wrap around girth x 3.0 mm thick
Recommendations: The user should have a full 2″ of space beyond the brace above the elbow before the underarm and below the elbow before the wrist. To ensure a secure fit and performance, we recommend 3/4″ (2 cm) as the minimum amount of overlap on the wrap-around portion.
Notes: The Teen (XL) / Adult is designed for children in the middle to later teenage years to through adulthood. A full 2” (5 cm) beyond the brace above and below the elbow is recommended for this size and nearly full passive range of motion is helpful in determining its effectiveness in rehab and behavior situations and requires careful consideration before using as a contracture management tool.

Cutting Down the Wrap-Around Girth of The Teen (XL) Adult Brace: In situations where the user can manage the length of the brace with sufficient space beyond the brace above and below the elbow, but the wrap-around girth has too much material, the XL sized Bamboo Brace can be cut-down.  Locate the gap between the Velcro patches about 3″ (5 cm) up from the bottom of the brace and trim across with fabric scissors being careful not to damage the stitching securing the remaining Velcro patches. Cutting down your size XL Bamboo Brace does NOT void any warrantees or guarantees.

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