TFS® Trigger Finger Solution®


Options Quantity
TFS (Trigger Finger Solution) X-Small
TFS (Trigger Finger Solution) Small
TFS (Trigger Finger Solution) Medium
TFS (Trigger Finger Solution) Large

Small, unobtrusive, functional support for treating painful, snapping trigger finger.

  • Uniquely designed ring is made of 1/8″ (0.3cm) neoprene with cloth lining for added comfort.
  • Fits around the proximal phalanx to provide a cushion of support over the A-1 pulley next to the MP joint.
  • Not designed for the thumb but can be used as a protective flexion pad.
  • Helps protect the vulnerable, underlying swollen flexor tendon and protective fat pad.
  • Allows full hand use, making it possible for the wearer to identify aggravating activities and when to reduce gripping forces.

To size, measure circumference of proximal phalanx (between the base of the finger and the PIP joint). A larger size may be necessary to accommodate anatomical differences or swelling.