The True Cost of the “Big-Box Store” Fitness Equipment

The True Cost of the “Big-Box Store” Fitness Equipment

by Michael Thorne, Dyaco Canada

You are a professional. You, your facility, and most of all your patients deserve professional tools. Do not try to get away with the home version of a product available at your local big-box store. These products are not designed to meet the demands and needs of today’s clinics. While it may seem like a good deal, it is doing a disservice to your practice. 

“Big-Box Store” Equipment:

  • Warranties are voided with commercial placement 
  • Designed for home use and are smaller, require additional maintenance and are less stable than commercial grade equipment
  • Does not meet medical electrical standards 
  • May not support the needs of larger individuals or those with mobility issues 

Medical-grade cardio rehabilitation products are designed with both the patient and healthcare professional in mind. Ease of use, full adjustability, and functionality to aid in positive outcomes for patients allowing physiotherapists and rehab professionals to feel confident they are providing the best possible treatment to their clients. By purchasing high quality and durable cardio rehabilitation equipment you are investing in your practice and your patient’s health.

Medical-Grade Cardio Rehabilitation Equipment:

  • Come with a full commercial warranty and meets medical electrical standards 
  • Designed to accommodate users of all shapes and sizes 
  • Allows for adaptive accessories to support legs, feet, or hands for users of all abilities
  • Safety features built in to reduce injury and risk while increasing patient confidence 
  • Ability to start at a slow pace and increase in small increments to accommodate all ability levels. 
  • SYMMETRY Gait Analysis (Spirit Medical Exclusive) to diagnose and help correct issues in real-time

Spirit Medical SYMMETRY Program

Spirit Medical products are uniquely designed with SYMMETRY technology-enabled to assist patients in building an improved quality of life. From hip fractures to knee replacements, the SYMMETRY program helps to correct an uneven gait and promote equalized balance, helping to minimize the risk of a fall or injury. The graphic display provides immediate feedback to patients and therapists to accurately assess user gait performance. This visual feedback allows clinicians to condition users’ stride and cadence and correct issues in real-time. SYMMETRY is ideal for pediatric exercises, neurologically impaired patients, and other populations with balance or stability concerns. Spirit Medical is the only manufacturer to include SYMMETRY gait analysis as a standard feature on their M series products. 

To fit the growing demands of your clinic Remington Medical has offered the full medical & light commercial line from Dyaco / Spirit for over 10+ years. Whether you are upgrading your older equipment or you want to add a new piece of rehab equipment to your clinic, Remington Medical offers recumbent bikes, ellipticals, fitness / rehab Bikes, and treadmills which are necessary foundation for helping Canadians get better faster and this is why we have chosen to partner with Dyaco as our leading supplier!

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