Enhancing Hand Function: The Revolutionary McKie Splint Journey

Remington Medical, a prominent Canadian distributor, has been at the forefront of introducing a groundbreaking tool into therapeutic care—the McKie Thumb Splint. Developed by Ann McKie, a pediatric occupational therapist with a deep-rooted passion for supporting developmentally disabled children, the splint has revolutionized how medical professionals approach hand and thumb rehabilitation. What started as a specialized solution for children has evolved into a versatile tool benefiting adults as well, providing relief and support for conditions such as stroke, thumb weakness due to various causes, trauma, and arthritis. The McKie Splint’s journey from its initial concept to its current status as a globally recognized and celebrated therapeutic device is a testament to innovative design fused with a genuine desire to enhance the quality of life for individuals facing physical challenges. Through Remington Medical, the McKie Splint continues to make significant contributions to therapeutic practices, improving functionality and comfort for users of all ages across the globe.

The World of McKie Splints

The McKie Splint range, brought to us by Remington Medical, encompasses a variety of designs, each tailored to meet the specific needs of different age groups and conditions. Starting with the innovative McKie Supinator Strap, designed to assist in forearm supination through strategic support, this option proves invaluable for children and adults struggling with supination due to neurological conditions or injuries.

For our youngest demographic, the McKie Neonatal Thumb Splint is crucial in aiding neurological development and tackling developmental deficits. By drawing the thumb into opposition, it promotes an opposed grasp, crucial for the developing hand’s functionality. The design minimizes the potential for developing compensatory grasp patterns which could hinder proper hand development. Additionally, it leaves the rest of the hand free to explore and manipulate objects, nurturing normal hand use from an early age.

As children grow, their needs change, which is where the McKie Pediatric Thumb Splint comes into play. Mirroring the neonatal version’s benefits but adjusted for older children, it supports an active, opposed grasp while preventing abnormal compensatory patterns. This adjustment ensures that children can use their hands effectively and comfortably as they develop.

For those facing specific challenges with the web space of their thumb, the Pediatric WebStay Thumb Splint provides targeted support, ensuring proper thumb alignment and reducing strain on the web space. This is particularly helpful for children with hypermobility issues or conditions requiring extra support to maintain optimal hand function.

Lastly, the McKie Splint Sizing Kit ensures that regardless of the individual’s age or specific needs, the perfect fit can be found, maximizing the therapeutic benefits of the splints. This comprehensive range from Remington Medical is a beacon of hope and support for those facing hand and thumb related challenges, reflecting a deep commitment to improving lives through thoughtful design and specialized care.


Designed with the utmost care for our smallest users, the McKie Neonatal Thumb Splint is a pioneering tool in pediatric therapy. It focuses on aiding neurological development and supporting infants born with developmental deficits. By gently guiding the thumb into opposition, it promotes a fundamental hand function—the opposed grasp. This is a crucial developmental milestone, enabling the infant to engage meaningfully with their environment, grasp objects, and explore through touch.

What sets this neonatal splint apart is its thoughtful design that minimizes the chance for compensatory grasp patterns to develop. Such patterns can significantly impede the natural development of hand function. By ensuring the thumb is correctly positioned from an early stage, the splint fosters the development of a natural and efficient grasp.

Furthermore, the design considerations go beyond just functionality. The McKie Neonatal Thumb Splint is constructed to free a significant portion of the hand. This design choice encourages hand manipulation and exploration, vital for sensory development and cognitive growth. It ensures that while providing the necessary support for the thumb and the metacarpophalangeal (M-P) joint, it does not hinder infants’ natural exploration tendencies.

The splint offers light compression and cushions the thenar eminence for infants showing signs of weakness and hypermobility at the M-P joint. This provides a stabilizing effect which can be particularly beneficial in cases of arthritis or injury, offering gentle support without imposing undue restraint. The splint effectively balances the dual needs of support and freedom, ensuring the healthy development of hand function while attending to specific medical needs, reflecting a deep understanding of pediatric therapeutic needs and challenges.


Building upon the foundation laid by the neonatal version, the McKie Pediatric Thumb Splint extends its therapeutic benefits to older children, providing essential support as they continue to develop and explore the world around them. This splint is designed with the pediatric population in mind, focusing on seamlessly integrating therapeutic needs with the dynamic lifestyles of growing children.

One of the key features of the McKie Pediatric Thumb Splint is its ability to support an active, opposed grasp. The splint fosters the development of a natural and efficient grasp pattern by ensuring that the thumb is positioned in opposition. This is critical for performing daily tasks such as writing, playing, and self-feeding, thus allowing children to participate fully in their environment without being hindered by hand function challenges.

Furthermore, the splint plays a crucial role in preventing abnormal, compensatory grasp patterns that can develop due to thumb misalignment or weakness. By offering strategic support, it guides the hand towards adopting more functional patterns of use, which can have lasting benefits on hand development and utility.

Another significant advantage of the McKie Pediatric Thumb Splint is that it is designed to allow for normal hand use and development. Unlike rigid orthotic devices that may restrict movement, this splint is crafted to maximize hand mobility and space. This ensures that while it provides the necessary support for the thumb and reduces joint play, it does not impede the hand’s natural range of motion or curtail the child’s ability to engage in play and exploration.

For pediatric patients dealing with light compression or reduced joint play due to arthritis or injury, the McKie Pediatric Thumb Splint offers a comfortable, supportive solution. It embodies a careful balance between providing necessary medical support and ensuring children’s healthy, unrestricted development of hand function, highlighting its value as an indispensable tool in pediatric therapeutic care.

Reflecting on the Impact of McKie Splints

The journey of the McKie Splints, introduced by Remington Medical, showcases a landmark evolution in therapeutic care. These splints, from their neonatal to pediatric variations, have become indispensable tools in enhancing the quality of life for individuals across a spectrum of age groups and conditions. Their innovative design, focused on supporting hand function, preventing compensatory patterns, and offering comfort, underlines the profound impact well-thought-out therapeutic tools can have in the medical realm.

The McKie Splints embody the fusion of compassion and expertise. Each splint, meticulously designed to meet specific needs, reflects a deep understanding of the complexities involved in hand therapy. As these tools continue to empower individuals to navigate daily challenges with greater ease, their legacy as transformative aids in hand rehabilitation remains unparalleled. McKie Splint’s journey is a testament to the power of innovation guided by a genuine desire to make a difference in people’s lives.

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