INFINITYᵀᴹ BLACK Splinting Material


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INFINITY™ BLACK Splinting Material (3.2mm, 18″ x 24″ Sheet)

Infinity Black has all the handling qualities which made Infinity the most loved traditional thermoplastic splinting material used in hospitals and clinics across Canada for over 30 years, but now in Black.  Previously known as Custom JU-1000 20+ years ago, Infinity is the most versatile material for both upper and lower extremity splinting available.  With Moderate drape, it sits in the middle of the drape spectrum offering contouring around bony prominences when needed without the runaway stretch most materials in this category have.

Perfect for the emerging splinter and loved by Expert splinters with decades of experiences Infinity and Infinity Black is truly the one material you can use in all applications.


  1. Moderate drapability with controlled stretch
  2. Self Sealing edges when cut warm
  3. Resists fingerprints
  4. Cools to a nice rigid splint without reinforcements
  5. Edges rolls and finishes easily

If you are currently using Polyflex II or Tailorsplint, try INFINITY/INFINITY Black now.  We know you will love it like the hundreds of clinics across Canada.

Check out our latest Hand Therapy Blog all about Infinity splinting material – Canada’s most trusted splinting material. CLICK HERE 


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