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Heskiers® OneTool™

Heskiers® OneTool™


Heskiers® OneTool™ All-In-One Bodywork Tool.  Professional or Self Use.

Heskiers® OneTool™ is an ergonomic massage, acupressure and myofascial release tool, promoting the flow of the interstitial fluid for use by professional bodyworkers and sports teams to help increase performance, enhance daily recovery, treat sports injuries, pain and relieve tension. It is also easy to use as a self treatment tool by athletes and health-conscious people everywhere!


Using Heskiers for Self Use.

The Heskiers OneTool™ is a massage and acupressure tool for pain and tension release. It helps your hand reach the points you want to treat with potentially less effort. It may also help you feel more comfortable with the pressure you apply, due to its’ unique design criteria. Heskiers OneTool™ gives you the possibility to supplement the treatment you usually get from your bodywork practitioner and relieve your own pain from minor joint and muscle discomfort. 

The Heskiers Method™ is: Release with the Protrusions and Disperse with the Curves and a new Guasha Technique described below. The Heskiers Method™ is compatible with any other bodywork technique or method.

Hygiene: Rinse your Heskiers OneTool™ only in alcohol and dishwasher soap. It is recommended that you buy your own Heskiers OneTool and bring it with you to your practitioner's appointment so he/she can use it for your treatment.  

How to Use the Heskiers OneTool™ 

When the pain is located, you can use the Heskiers OneTool to apply a combination of light massage and strokes in the area in order to open the muscles to allow release.

Release - Step 1:

Choose the protrusion that mimics the finger that you would normally use to apply pressure.  Then apply pressure that you feel is just enough to create a combined feeling of relief along with a very slight discomfort.  Sink into the tissue with the protrusion - do not wiggle the Heskiers OneTool™ - just maintain a steady pressure while counting to 99, which equals approximately 1.5 minutes.

Disperse - Step 2:

When the pressure has finished being applied, choose the designated curve that fits the part of your body you are treating.  Then gently stroke the area 99 times. You can stroke the skin directly or you can stroke on the outside of your clothes.  This method is designed to disperse the energy and to further potentially release the stagnated fluids in the interstitial spaces. Use the dispersing movements along the body’s curves.

Note:  the Heskiers Method™ is designed for use with the Heskiers OneTool™ and the specific features of its’ design create high precision treatments that are potentially less painful and more effective.


Sample Self Treatments

Neck Pain

Use the inward hook to address the neck pain - letting the Heskiers OneTool ¨sink¨ into the tissue according to your feeling of contact with the point(s) of pain. Don’t wiggle the Heskiers OneTool from side to side, just keep a sufficient pressure while counting to 99 – approximately 1.5 minutes. After this, stroke 99 times with the small curve that fits the neck (with the side of the curve with the hook protrusion pointing to the spine) also for approximately 1.5 minutes). The many strokes are intended to provide deep tissue release and dispersion of tension and pain.

You can also choose to use only strokes with the small curve for a more subtle treatment. This technique is recommended for treating tension headaches and migraines and can also be used on the scalp.

Lower Back Pain

For Lower Back Pain: turn the Heskiers OneTool so that the thumb protrusion is beside of the knuckle of the index finger and pointing towards the knuckles. Holding the Heskiers OneTool in this position enables you to apply pressure to your back just by turning your wrist as if you are operating a door handle.

You can now apply pressure to the tender point and sink into the tissue, holding the Heskiers OneTool while counting to 99 several times and then gently stroking the area 99 times.

For Sciatica

For Sciatica: use the index finger protrusion and let the Heskiers OneTool slide a little towards your upper palm, making it easier to apply pressure.

Apply light pressure i into the point of nerve pain on the hip while counting to 99. Then stroke the area 99 times afterwards.

Tennis Elbow (outside of elbow)

For Tennis Elbow: place the hand of the arm to be treated on the stomach just above the hip to address the elbow with the other hand from the outside. Find your spot of tenderness.  Then use the inward hook by pressing downward just below the elbow.

Sink into the skin and press just the edge of your comfort zone and count to 99. Combine this with pressing into several other points a little above and below the elbow in the muscle tissue for additional release. Afterwards, stroke the entire area 99 times with the small curve.

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Golf Elbow (inside of elbow)

For Golf Elbow: place the palm of the affected elbow facing upward on the thigh.  Find the spots just below the elbow and just above the elbow with the outward pointed hook. Every time you locate pain, sink the Heskiers OneTool into the tissue to the edge of your comfort zone and count to 99 while applying pressure. Afterwards, stroke the entire area 99 times with the small curve.

Using only strokes in these areas around the elbow and down towards the wrist may also treat and potentially relieve pain from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

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